Kahawa House Roastery

Our main Kahawa House Roastery houses three of our of six Brambati S.p.A coffee roasters, including our 600kg drum roaster, largest in the UK, and fourteen packing lines. Custom designed and imported from Italy, our equipment ranges from macro to micro enabling us to fulfil orders from 60kg to 6,000kg. 

BRC accredited to AA standard

Quality checks & controls

The Roasting Process

Roasting at Lincoln & York

An overview of the coffee roasting process once received here at Lincoln & York site, including a sneak peak at our contingency operation.

The Art of Roasting

We use a traditional drum roaster (Brambati) but not in a traditional way. The coffee is roasted using a combination of Conductive (Drum) and convective (Air) heat transfer. This offers maximum control over the roast profile and results in a more even roast and a fully developed flavour over a 12-15 minute roast. 

Depending on the sector you're in, we can provide a range of roasts including blends, single origin and speciality coffees.